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Carolee Coleman


Carolee’s interests in psychology started at a young age, and she went on to study the field earning a bachelor's degree in psychology as well as Art Therapy Certificate.  After adding a master’s in teaching and spending several years in the school system, Carolee recognized a strong desire to connect with people on an even deeper level.  This prompted her to pursue a second master’s degree in counseling psychology. 

We all learn to adapt to the world in different ways in order to continue moving forward in life, but often these adaptations end up no longer serving our well-being.  In a truly non-judgmental space, Carolee assists her clients with tools to identify what’s holding them back, how to get back on track and then maintain healthy ways of coping with the struggles in life.

So whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, adjusting to change, self-acceptance, or the pain of recovering from abusive relationships, Carolee will compassionately facilitate the healing and growth you wish for.  

“We, as humans, receive information about our experience in the world in many different ways.  One of those ways is through emotion.   It offers us rich information about our needs and desires.  When we pay attention to and explore our feelings, they can become a source of healing and another sense used to interpret our experiences.  They are not to be feared and suppressed, but respected!” – Carolee Coleman, LCPC

If you’re interested in booking a session with Carolee or contacting her for more information, please call or email:


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  • M.S. Counseling and Psychology, Troy University

  • M.A. Teaching, Secondary Curriculum and Instruction (Art Education), Southern Illinois University

  • B.A. Double Major: Psychology & Studio Art, Art Therapy Certificate, Webster University

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) 


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